Chase Season 2014 about to get underway after a slow start!

April 17, 2014

I thought I'd take some time and update everyone on my current plans for the upcoming chase season. This spring/summer I will have a lot of free time unlike the last couple of years. Up to this point, I have yet to dust off the equipment and chase as I've been mostly finishing up on some things at work and waiting for the right setup. I haven't missed much though as the season is off to a very slow start. I expect the pattern to possibly "let loose" over the next few weeks after such a quiet start. I've already scheduled the May 12-26th time-frame for a chase trip. I may be making a few short trips before and after as well. I see some potential as early as next week (April 23rd-25th) and the week thereafter as a pattern change is being shown in the models as we enter a more southwest-flow pattern allowing moisture and warm temperatures to return to the Great Plains and Midwest.


Current Chase Schedule:

May 12th-26th currently scheduled chase trip to the Great Plains.