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Travis Carlson Photography provides unique photography services  in Peoria, IL. Established in 2013, I strive to specialize in producing high-quality photos of storm photography, landscapes, events, nature, etc.

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Travis Carlson
Travis Carlson Photography



The man behind the camera:

       I'm a geography major graduate from Northern Illinois University. I also have a strong emphasis in meteorology. While attending school, I was the 2008-09 American Meteorology Society President at Northern Illinois University.  Some of the most intellectual meteorology professors in this state I was privileged to meet during my academic career at NIU. Meteorology, has always been a passion of mine even at a young age which for most of us is where it all begins. I saw my first tornado in a farm field 3 miles from my backyard in 2004. Since that day I've become more and more interested in mesoscale meteorology, storm chasing, and of course photography along the way. My focus is not limited to photographing severe weather however. I also find myself photographing landscapes, nature, wildlife, the seasons, etc. In the springtime, you'll find me driving endless miles across the Great Plains and Midwest enjoying nature's beautiful storms, landscapes, and national parks. Over the years, I've come to learn to appreciate every storm and landscape. For more information on my storm chasing travels and photography please visit my blog. As far as what the future holds who knows, but what's always important to me is to capture every moment as if it was your last.